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Spring underpins Orbitz’s entire application infrastructure.

Leveraging Pivotal’s expertise in real-time, high-capacity analytics and scalability.

Our goal is similar to Pivotal's – have the cloud seamless and transparent.

Chorus has Moved!

And it's in a great neighborhood.

Alpine Data Labs, the leader in Advanced Analytics Software for Big Data, has taken stewardship of Alpine Chorus, and of furthering innovation of the open source OpenChorus Project.

Alpine Chorus is the industry’s first application to allow machine learning to scale to more people and more data. Web-based, collaborative and easy-to-use, Alpine Chorus’ advanced analytics platform provides an array of functionality from working with data, to modeling to visualization to analysis. Alpine Chorus provides a single environment where people, data and projects can be managed, secured and made visible to the business leaders who see big data as critical to innovation and market leadership.

For more information on Alpine's products, click here.

OpenChorus community members and customers can find out more on GitHub @ https://github.com/Chorus/chorus/wiki.


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