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Loading a day’s worth of data for a million meters in under 50 seconds.

Spring underpins Orbitz’s entire application infrastructure.

Leveraging Pivotal’s expertise in real-time, high-capacity analytics and scalability.

Our goal is similar to Pivotal's – have the cloud seamless and transparent.


Get professional support for Redis deployments direct from Pivotal, the official sponsor of the Redis open source project.

Redis is one of the most popular ways to accelerate development of new applications and reduce latency in existing applications.  Redis keeps all your data quickly accessible in memory, giving your applications the ability to read and write data faster than ever before.  Built-in replication allows your applications to remain responsive during routine maintenance or unexpected outages.

Pivotal offers two categories of support for Redis:

  • Developer Support. Designed to assist developers as they build applications that use Redis. Developer Support is available through Pivotal’s global support services, 12 hours a day (6am to 6pm), 5 days a week in your local time zone. Developer Support is offered for OS X and Linux workstations. Priced per developer.
  • Production Support. This is the type of round-the-clock support needed for customer-facing apps companies depend on to run their business. Redis Production Support is offered for Linux servers and includes industry-leading service level agreements backed by unparalleled expertise in Redis. Priced per CPU.

To inquire about Redis commercial support, training or consulting, contact us here or email us at redis@gopivotal.com.


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