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Pivotal tc Server

Innovate with a Powerful Apache Tomcat–Compatible Server

To provide consumer-grade Java applications, you need an application server that maximizes performance, scales easily, and minimizes cost and overhead. The ideal Java application server accelerates development and is compatible with the open standards of today and the cloud infrastructures of tomorrow.

Pivotal tc Server provides the highly scalable, lightweight application server your enterprise wants, paired with the operational management, monitoring, diagnostics, security, and support you require. With Apache Tomcat at its core, Pivotal tc Server consumes a fraction of the disk space and memory of competing app servers, maximizing performance for a given set of resources. This capability translates into a direct return on investment, whether on-premises or hosted. Pivotal tc Server’s 100 percent binary application compatibility with Tomcat ensures a seamless migration path for applications currently certified for Apache Tomcat.

To inquire about Pivotal tc Server commercial support, training or consulting, contact us here or email us at tcserver@gopivotal.com.

PIVOTAL tc Server Features

Discover the Best Place to Build and Run Java Spring Applications

Pivotal tc Server, the best place to build and run Java Spring applications, provides the lightweight server you want paired with the operational management, advanced diagnostics, and mission-critical support capabilities your business needs. Designed to be a drop-in replacement for Apache Tomcat, Pivotal tc Server ensures a seamless migration path for your existing custom-built and commercial software applications already certified for Tomcat.

Pivotal tc Server provides a familiar Tomcat experience to developers and administrators, saving ramp-up time and training costs, and speeding time to value. Large-scale enterprise production environments benefit from tc Server extended deployment and maintenance functionality, as well as the scalability boosts provided by GemFire session-replication clustering and Hibernate in-memory data caching. Pivotal tc Server will provide a direct migration path to Pivotal One.

Accelerate Application Time to Production for Developers and Operators

Pivotal tc Server includes Spring Insight, which provides unmatched visibility into the thread-level execution of Spring-powered applications for both developers and operators. Built into both the developer and production editions of tc Server, Spring Insight traces and visualizes threads of execution in real time.

A powerful tool for developers, Spring Insight Developer provides immediate feedback as to whether code is behaving as intended. This visibility extends into Spring, Hibernate, and other frameworks—showing developers how their code interacts with and invokes underlying framework services. Immediate feedback accelerates developers and empowers them to write more efficient code.

Spring Insight Operations brings the same level of visibility to administrators who monitor and tune applications in quality assurance and production environments. Trace information from multiple tc Servers is combined and presented in a unified dashboard, enabling administrators to see which production applications on which servers are not running satisfactorily. Administrators can then quickly gather the trace-level detail needed to communicate effectively with development teams and pinpoint issues.

In addition to Spring Insight Developer and Spring Insight Operations, the Pivotal tc Server solution includes:

  • Server Group Administration – Pivotal tc Server includes secure remote server administration via a web portal and command line. Your organization can configure and control server groups and instances; configure JVM server start parameters for Java heap size, garbage collection, and more; configure JDBC data sources and connection pools; and define virtual hosts, access logs, and integration with web servers.
  • Enterprise Class Extensions, Including Templating, Diagnostics, Caching, and Clustering – To speed the configuration and deployment of tc Server, Pivotal provides a number of pre-created configuration templates and the ability to create custom templates and combine them with the included set. New runtime instances of tc Server can be quickly deployed with the exact set of features and configuration desired, speeding time to value. Pivotal tc Server extends Tomcat management to include Thread Diagnostics to assist in maintaining optimal application performance and to quickly identify the root of a slowdown. Pivotal tc Server extends Tomcat performance and reliability, providing GemFire modules for data caching and clustering. The GemFire HTTP Session Management Module manages large sessions with proven high availability and scalability—an especially beneficial capability for web apps that need to scale out to meet demand. GemFire supports replication and partitioning of session data and clustering across WAN gateways. The GemFire Hibernate Cache Module provides fast, scalable, and distributed second level (L2) caching for Hibernate, for dramatically superior performance and reduced network traffic and load on your data store.
  • Support, Security, and Convenience – Pivotal tc Server has the highest-quality technical support in the industry, backed by true expertise in Apache Tomcat and security. Pivotal engineers contribute new features and bug fixes directly to Apache Tomcat, and have the ability to backport bug fixes into deployable patches for current release versions of tc Server. Pivotal tc Server users receive fixes and patches for current release versions, and receive version updates on a regular schedule. Maintenance costs drop when upgrades can be planned and when applying a bug or a security fix does not also include new features that drive a full set of regression tests.
  • Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics – Pivotal tc Server helps your organization with detection, analysis, and diagnosis of application performance issues during development. It also provides real-time insight into the performance and behavior of Spring applications and includes built-in advanced application management and reporting tools.

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