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Pivotal Web Server

Deliver Higher Web-Tier Performance, Scalability, and Security

Whether your applications are being delivered on a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile device, the user experience is paramount. Customers, partners, and employees expect you to provide fast access while protecting their data, which requires your enterprise to deliver a scalable architecture that includes high performance and robust security.

Your organization can increase your web-tier performance, scalability, and security while reducing deployment times and complexity with Pivotal Web Server for HTTP server and load balancing. Pivotal Web Server lets you reduce deployment time with preconfigured instances of Apache, see improved performance even under burst or extreme workload conditions, and keep your web tier secure with faster patch availability.

PIVOTAL Web Server Features

Gain Peace of Mind with Apache as Your Foundation

Pivotal Web Server is based on the popular Apache httpd web server, providing a familiar, proven foundation for your web tier. It runs on RHEL, Windows, and other operating systems. Beyond Apache httpd and its core modules, Pivotal Web Server includes an extended module set that enables you to serve content using the FTP protocol, run Perl and PHP scripts, securely send web pages to browsers using the SSL encryption standard, support an open source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), handle communication between Tomcat and Apache, monitor performance, and more. In addition, Pivotal Web Server supports all major certificate authorities. The solution enables your enterprise to:

  • Radically Reduce Deployment Times –In contrast to Apache httpd, Pivotal Web Server is precompiled for all supported operating systems, preconfigured, and prepatched, which reduces deployment times to 30 minutes. Pivotal Web Server has a consistent installation process and structure across all supported operating systems, and installation is via self-extracting archive with no restrictions as to installation path, minimal dependencies on system libraries, and no dependencies on additional third-party libraries or packages. You can easily patch and upgrade multiple instances as well, for further reduction in deployment and support costs.
  • Maximize Performance – Pivotal Web Server is precompiled with native libraries and pretuned to deliver maximum performance. Because fewer servers are required for a given workload, you'll see hardware and virtualization costs go down, as well as increased uptime since workloads remain within web-tier capacity. The Pivotal support team can help fine-tune your web server to deliver the best performance for your specific needs.
  • Get Better Security with Less Effort – the edge of the data center, hackers continually probe web servers, trying to get to your sensitive information. Pivotal employs leading Apache code committers who participate in the ASF security community, so our engineers often learn of and participate in the analysis and resolution of security vulnerabilities before they are made public. Whenever possible Pivotal integrates corrections or mitigations for prompt release so you receive immediate notice of workarounds and binary updates when an issue goes public. Because Pivotal offers guaranteed binary drop-in bug and security-fix help for every platform we support, you can reduce the time you spend chasing and resolving security issues.
  • Reduce Support Costs – Pivotal Web Server is an extended platform-optimized compilation of Apache httpd. It features pretested compatibility of various Apache modules and extensions, reducing internal support costs.

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