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vFabric Suite

Meet the Development and Deployment Needs of Modern Applications

The nature of applications is changing and a fundamentally different approach to application infrastructure is required. Your organization must optimize for modern applications—dynamic, web-based applications that produce big data in real time.

With a data-oriented approach, vFabric Suite is an ideal solution to meet your users’ demands for modern applications. The lightweight runtime elements in vFabric Suite allow for rapid scalability without over-provisioning and let your applications handle dynamic and unpredictable spikes in traffic, as well as incorporate social media and new data types. Through integration with vSphere, your enterprise can rapidly scale out infrastructure to eliminate many of the complexities of deploying and supporting today’s applications.

The comprehensive vFabric Suite provides a proven runtime platform for your Spring applications. Whether you need developer-focused capabilities such as integration with the Spring Tool Suite (STS), deep application performance visibility with the Spring Insight capability of Pivotal tc Server, Spring AMQP to incorporate Pivotal RabbitMQ messaging, or the Spring Data project that simplifies access to Pivotal GemFire, SQLFire, and Postgres, you will find a host of capabilities that make vFabric Suite the best place to build and run your Spring applications. In addition, vFabric Suite comes with support for Spring applications deployed into production.

vFabric Suite Features

Build, Run, and Manage Spring Applications

vFabric Suite is a lightweight, scalable, integrated middleware suite for data-intensive custom applications, whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Optimized for the open source Spring Framework, which is used by more than 50 percent of Java developers worldwide, vFabric is ideally suited for VMware vSphere® virtual infrastructure, physical infrastructure, and Amazon EC2, and it provides a clear pathway to the cloud for your custom applications. Through integration with vSphere, for example, you can rapidly scale out infrastructure to eliminate many of the complexities of deploying and supporting today's modern applications.

What’s in vFabric Suite?


Pivotal tc Server – Java Application Server

vFabric Suite includes a full range of components to build, run, and mange modern data-intensive applications deployed on-premises and in the cloud. Pivotal tc Server extends Apache Tomcat, the world’s most widely used Java application server, with optimizations for operations management and performance diagnostics. Learn more about this 100% Tomcat compatible enterprise application server.

vFabric Elastic Memory for Java – Java Memory Pooling

vFabric Elastic Memory for Java (EM4J) enables memory to be shared dynamically among Java virtual machine (JVM) instances without sacrificing performance.

Pivotal Web Server – HTTP Server

Pivotal Web Server is a commercial version of Apache HTTP Server, the most widely used web server. It provides high performance, scalability, and security while reducing the cost and complexity of web infrastructure. Learn more about secure, scalable web infrastructure with Pivotal Web Server.


Pivotal GemFire Application Cache Node – Session & Hibernate Cache

Pivotal GemFire Application Cache Node caches frequently accessed data in-memory at the application server and shares it across all application server instances to increase the speed and scalability of Spring Java applications. Learn more about high-performance data management with GemFire.

Pivotal SQLFire Professional Edition – In-Memory Distributed SQL Database

Pivotal SQLFire Professional Edition is a memory-optimized distributed SQL database that delivers dynamic scalability and high performance for data-intensive modern applications. You can use Pivotal SQLFire to move data at the speed of memory, typically more than 10 times faster than disk access. Learn more about SQLFire speed, scale, and SQL.

vFabric Postgres – vSphere-Optimized Relational Database

vFabric Postgres is an enterprise-class ANSI SQL relational database optimized for vSphere, and it is fully compatible with proven open source PostgreSQL. It lowers database TCO and increases agility within vSphere environments.

Pivotal RabbitMQ – Application Message Server

Pivotal RabbitMQ lets you speed up, scale out, and integrate your applications with an efficient, highly scalable, and easy-to-deploy queuing software that makes handling message traffic virtually effortless. Learn more about RabbitMQ – messaging that just works.


vFabric Application Director – Automated Application Provisioning

vFabric Application Director accelerates and automates the configuration and deployment of multi-tier applications. Application Director is optimized for vFabric components and is extensible to other components that may be a part of your Spring application. It helps your enterprise reduce time to market for new applications by shortening application configuration and provisioning times. Learn more about vFabric Application Director – automated provisioning for cloud applications.

vFabric Hyperic – Application Monitoring for Web Applications

vFabric Hyperic helps web operations teams monitor the application infrastructure for custom web applications across physical machines, a virtual infrastructure environment, or the cloud, to enable root cause analysis, automate remediation, and reduce issues. Learn more about vFabric Hyperic.


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